Parents Visit

My parents came up to Hong Kong to visit me 🙂
Since it was also the Japanese golden week (no we are not Japanese)

so we went to Macau for a day

We witnessed wedding shots

according to the guide, this is the house of the first/ second wife of Stanley ho

Love how some of the shop houses has its character

Ruins of St Paul


I decided to go and hunt for the Ice-shop where most of the tvb drama serials usually filmed when they went to Macau, and also as reccomended .. So i  found…

Ice shop

I tried the ice – I think i am not used to the taste and all .. I just threw it away .. It was not creamy enough for my liking..  hahaha .. I think its quite an acquired taste

triple flavoured ice

couldn’t wait to return to Hong Kong for my meal ..

Visit to the Venetian - New Casino


Next time i promise this is where I will go  … lol


so long, farewell

So, my direct boss is going on a 1 year long leave ( I guess when you are so smart, with no track record of losing money ; i.e. just making less money, you can afford to make such requests to take such long leave)  .. Hes going to travel around the world and told me it was his dream since he was young and he finally gets to realise it.  I am glad for him, although a little sad that I can’t continue learning under such a nice boss. ..
he brought me all over the place to eat and introduced me to friends of his.
In any case, we went to this Beijing cuisine restaurant at Tsim Tsha Tsui as he requested.

This place is very value for money, as well as food portioning are very big. The peking duck was nicely carved ( a little too oily for me) and the sharks fin was really most value for money! Its a highly reccomended place if you are on a budget and would like to eat Chinese expensive food.

It was a bittersweet meal, although I barely know my boss ..and I feel glad and honoured to be part of his team and to have learnt much under him 🙂

The environment is like a normal bustling chinese Hong kong restaurants, with impatient waiters, food being carried all over the place, serving plates cleared efficiently.

Spring Deer restaurant
2/F, 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China

Cake Flor

This is another new find from my brother .

See, ever since we went to Japan for a holiday, even when the autumn season of food, hes been very crazy about chestnuts .. And ever since, he has included the whole family in his pursuit of Chestnut desserts…

Usually, when it comes to chestnut desserts, i usually avoid it .. I mean usually I eat chestnut as a snack, or in my mum’s cooking .. but never as a dessert .. however, after eating this, I feel very convinced I have crossed over to expanding the way that chestnuts can be and should be eaten in desserts as well 🙂

Presenting …

Cake Flor.

Waguri Millefeuille 和栗ミルフィーユ



Chestnut babyyy ❤

This is my new favourite cake as of now 🙂

Super love it 🙂 Big HIT for me

and the base is so crisp and doesn’t get soggy even with the amount of cream dalloped on top.  The chestnut doesn’t have strong traces of colourings (which is good I like) . Although eating it can be a little messy, but,  Its the next awesome close chestnut original tasting cake you can get if you are not in Japan.


Duxton Hill
#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588

Phone: +65 6223 8628    Fax: +65 6223 5248

Business hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11am- 7pm
Sunday (Public Holidays):  11am- 6pm

Cafe hours are from 11am – 6:00pm (Mondays to Saturdays) and 11am – 5pm (Sundays & Public Holiday).


Easter Holidays #4

So my feast continues on 🙂 [ I know I sound so piggish .. but i mean come on! In Hong Kong theres barely any big groups of people that I can go out and meals with – that in ordering more food in varieties to try, and of course my great companies .. I super miss them and love them bits]

So its family time. 🙂

My brother has been very crazy over trying to find the best yakitori – he has his moments .. so hahah he managed to find the nicest ( and quite steep) yakitori place around that according to his standards are super good.  (of course, being one of the fussiest eater in the family)

I super loved the white asparagus, I finally understand why the French can base an entire course just on White asparagus .. Its so sweet and juicy on its own .. and of course such delights when cooked simply is just so wonderful on its own 🙂

The Sea bream – was also a seasonal special. The most costly fish but I must say the skill involved in baking it to such perfection – totally not easy job. My family members are very particular about the way their fish is done. This totally passed their standards 🙂

I cant say theres a least favourite dish ( except the prawns only because I hate prawns so I stay away from them) but this place is always so fully packed! only 2 seatings (6pm or 8pm) and you need to make reservations at least a few days before to get a place.

The dessert is so pretty and special .. and not only does it look good, it tastes so memorably spectacular 🙂

This is a definite Hit for me 🙂 Always I trust my brother’s fussy tongue 100%. 🙂  But of course,  for such quality, be prepared for your wallets to bleed some love.

5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza, 

Easter Holidays#3

House! @ Dempsey!
I met up with another group of friends for dinner! so we decided to go to try our House! – Which is also under the same company that owns Skinny Pizza .. 🙂

We waited until we were all pretty ravenous .. and the food just all came at one shot.
Loved the company and the environment 🙂

I particularly loved the pizza! it  feels like a super guilt-free indulgence 🙂  and the truffle oil makes it better 🙂 hahahaha .. i liked the bitter chocolate tart better than the other one .. but nonetheless  as i always say, company always makes it better 🙂
The ambience is nice, very nice chillax place for friends to come together and catch up with one another, talk over a meal and slowly eat without worrying to have to get chased out.

I would return for the truffle pizza, tart .. maybe the fish and chips? hmms…

Company is just great and I am so excited to be back!!

House, Barracks and Camp
8D Dempsey Road,
#01-01 to 06 
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road), 

Easter Holidays #2

So the eating feast continues 🙂
Before I left for Hong Kong, I checked out this new pasta place that newly opened in Goldhill. I must say I am pretty impressed by their service. After returning 2 times, they remembered my sister and me 🙂 We must be really be both looking either very ‘memorable’, but this is commendable. I mean, how many service staff actually take the effort to bother to remember their customers? that only patronized them twice?

So its like a common eating italian pasta place for us  .. so we went there .. 🙂

Crabmeat Penne in Tomato based sauce

the crabmeat pasta was pretty standard. couldn’t really go wrong. I liked how the pasta was not over cooked and cooked to al dente.

My favourite - Stuffed sausage Ravioli in mushroom cream sauce

The cream pasta still had retained its consistencies – nicer when shared, so it doesnt get too jelard ( over poweringly sick after consuming too creamy a thing)

Squid Iink with tiger prawns

The squid Ink tiger prawns pasta – the prawn didn’t go down well with the prawn tasters. They said that it didn’t taste fresh?
*disclaimer all prawn things, are not tasted by me because I hate eating the actual prawn itself*

SO this place is … a HIT 🙂 well for the friendly staff that redeemed the place, the cream pasta, as well as the free home made dessert ( couldnt take a picture in time – it got eaten up quite quickly)

Da Luca
51 Goldhill Plaza, Goldhill Plaza 51, Singapore 308900
+65 6258 4846 ‎

Easter Holidays

I got really home sick in Hong Kong, So I AM HOMEE 🙂 well for this short holiday .. being newly employed within 1 month and my boss ‘allowed’ me to take my first leave of the year (1 day) since the next few days the market will also be closed to celebrate easter holidays .. I wonder what impression I left but oh wells,

So time to hit my favourites that I have been craving for 🙂

Together with the gang, we went to chomp chomp!! munch on some local delights before having to return back to Hong Kong ..

Hawker Centers to me, are like nostalgic places filled with wonderful memories. I totally missed Hawker food in Hong Kong .. the stuffiness of the place, the oily food and i think one redeeming part is, despite being so Hot stuffy and oily, having to scout for tables and witnessing numerous tissue papers as forms of “Stay away MY table” kind of reservations,  its a nice communal place for familes to come together .. and interestingly you do really see all kinds of people gathering here . Its quite a ‘happening’ place where so much is going on and quite a embedded unique sight in itself.

My fond memory of Hawker Centers commenced in Secondary School, after basketball trainings, we would trudge to the nearest hawker center – it being the cheap and easiest place to meet , or slowly as we progressed into Junior colleges or overseas studying or polytechnics,  we would go on food expeditions ( thats where my love for food was built upon) and order a buffet of food .. so full until the table is crowded (no exaggeration) with nothing but food.

Chomp Chomp is a hit for me, I love the Hokkien mee( red plate one), Chye Tau Kueh, and of course its signature huge sugar cane juice 🙂  and maybe because this belly is totally missing singaporean hawker food 🙂 Good Company always makes food taste better 🙂

Chomp Chomp
20 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557269


My kind tw boss decided to bring me along for his food hunting sprees, and we ended up in .. Cui hwa .. Its a famous local cha chan ting and serves local delights! of which, one of the most famous dishes is this condensed milk toasted bread! super comfort food! I totally brought my sister back to eat it again!

Condensed Milk Toasted Bread 🙂

Then my very close friend also came up, and we went also to tsui wah and I ordered a baked spaghetti pork chop. Yummies! went back to eat it again 🙂 

Baked Porkchop Spaghetti

Another must try is their fishball noodles (very different from the ones back in Singapore because the soup base is also different .. and the fishballs of course mushier and not as bouncy as the Singapore ones.)

The best part is they are opened 24 hours! so when you need a late night supper snack, just trudge down!! 🙂

Tsui Wah
G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street,
G/F, 84-86 Des Voeux Road


Eat Right Programme

A friend came and visit me in Hong Kong.. so we were randomly walking around and trying to find a place to sit down and chat .. so we chanced upon this place

Love the name

hahaha so we went downstairs .. and went to check it out .. but he didn’t end up eating .. but i was hungry .. so i went ahead :p

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon too overpowering .. hollandaise was just nice .. didn’t like the toast .. but ok .. seems healthier .. Maybe might come back to try the other things :p

Eat Right
23 Staunton Street, SOHO



Local bites

Everyday as I walk home from work,
I would always walk by this old lady that sold a local delight (I think illegally) .. I always saw people eating it on tv in tvb drama serials.. and it seems to have alot of significance in shaping the Hong Kong palates.. So i decided to buy one to try

Wan Zai Kueh with Red Beans

It didnt go down well with me.. I found it to be very starchy and ‘nua-ish’ .. Maybe its more something like a childhood comfort food that the Hong Kongers grew up with .. Sorry I could not appreciate it …  but dont regret trying it