No Signboard

So my boss Loves crab .. super duper loves crab! and he told me that he visited Singapore previously and went to No signboard to eat the chilli crab and he super duper loves it! He even excitedly told me that they will be opening a branch in Hong Kong and have already booked a table on the opening day to satisfy his crab craving.. so, I was also invited as well 🙂

Home food in a foreign land .. Shudders just the thought of how they will tweak it to cater to local taste buds .. nonetheless, something familiar who can complain??? 🙂

this post is a compilation of the 2 trips he brought us within 1 week (he really loves his crabs) since the opening of no signboard

Shop Front

Coffee Ribs

My boss thoughtfully ordered more vegs for me since he knew i enjoyed eating vegs 🙂

Spinach in clear broth with ikan billis, fried garlic and red dates

Claypot tofu with seasonal vegs and seafood

and of course, most importantly, not forgetting:

Chilli Crab

Everything was just good  .. A nice taste of home and familiarity 🙂 I wasnt disappointed, although I wished they had more dishes! I think what was very popular and a favourite, amongst my boss and my colleagues, was the idea of the man tou both steamed and fried to be dipped and eaten with the chilli sauce as an accompaniment.

Company was good ( except half the time I probably couldn’t really catch what was going on, being the youngest and only foreigner around) but I am glad they enjoyed and had a taste of Singaporean Cuisine 🙂 Chilli Crabs are Singapore’s national dish and pride indeed 🙂

No Signboard
66-72 Paterson Street, 
Causeway Bay




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