Boston Restaurant

Soft Rolls


My kind boss brought me to check out another hunt near the office, as well as introduce me to his friend, who potentially might be my next colleague.

He brought me to Boston restaurant, which setting wise, reminds me of Jack’s place in Singapore, but menu is like Shashlik back in Singapore. So of course being nooobish, I just ordered whatever he ordered since he claims the restaurant speciality is the best. Well, so far in Hong Kong, when in doubt, one can so far not go wrong in ordering the restaurant specialty/ reccomended dishes.

We went ahead with a set meal, that had the hong kong style of Borsch soup:

Borsch Soup

Not bad! hahaha .. surprisingly although it didn’t look that appetizing! and .. of course not forgetting the main lead in …


Steak Flambe

Simmered Steak Flambe In Black Pepper Sauce

They will literally set the steak on fire when you are seated. Awesomeness to the max! Although do remember to lift up your Napkins so that it doesn’t ‘splatter’ into your face or get on your clothes.

This is a definite hit for me! Something different and interesting because you get to choose from 3 types of sauces that you want your steak to be served in, namely Black pepper, Mushroom and garlic(i think).  On the way out we did witness a couple of Hong Kong ladies arguing with each other, one  insisting that the other, an older lady, did not walk properly and bang into her  .. and so they were squabbling on who is right and wrong and how one should educate herself properly, another should just watch where she was going.

Nonetheless, I guess this is just part of getting used to another culture 🙂 interesting!!

Boston Restaurant
3 Luard Road, Wan Chai

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