Apple Green

So I made one of my first Hong Kong friend – my housing agent
To thank her for finally helping me source out for my apartment

I bought her dinner at Apple greens, as  reccomanded by her .. and at the same time to find out more about Hong Kong culture and things that I can do and see around Hong Kong.

So we both shared:

Banana Loaf

Chicken breast salad with crispy


Seared Tuna and Fried Lotous root Salad

Mushroom Cream Pasta

This felt like such a guilt free dinner – so much greens . I liked the seared tuna salad! I thought it was really innovative to incorporate the fried lotus root into the salad! gave it that extra crunch! The Mushroom Cream Pasta was a little too creamy for my liking – I wished it was a little saltier and not so ‘cream-focused’.

I would reccomend this place for people going on diets as there are alot of greens being incorporated into the mains!  Definitely would visit this place again for a guilt free meal.

2/F, Plaza 2000,
2-4 Russell Street,
Causeway Bay

Agnes B. Cafe

So i mean we should try places that is not available in Singapore right? hahaha thats one of the plus point in living overseas


Smoked Salmon Salad with Squid Ink Pasta

Dont think i will come back here .. or maybe I ordered the wrong thing .. I just thought it was mediocre .. Didn’t like the mocha .. I thought it was too sweet for me .. mann .. what a way to top off a bad day 😦

Agnes B. Cafe
Shop G001-005, World Trade Centre,
280 Gloucester Road, 
Causeway Bay 

No Signboard

So my boss Loves crab .. super duper loves crab! and he told me that he visited Singapore previously and went to No signboard to eat the chilli crab and he super duper loves it! He even excitedly told me that they will be opening a branch in Hong Kong and have already booked a table on the opening day to satisfy his crab craving.. so, I was also invited as well 🙂

Home food in a foreign land .. Shudders just the thought of how they will tweak it to cater to local taste buds .. nonetheless, something familiar who can complain??? 🙂

this post is a compilation of the 2 trips he brought us within 1 week (he really loves his crabs) since the opening of no signboard

Shop Front

Coffee Ribs

My boss thoughtfully ordered more vegs for me since he knew i enjoyed eating vegs 🙂

Spinach in clear broth with ikan billis, fried garlic and red dates

Claypot tofu with seasonal vegs and seafood

and of course, most importantly, not forgetting:

Chilli Crab

Everything was just good  .. A nice taste of home and familiarity 🙂 I wasnt disappointed, although I wished they had more dishes! I think what was very popular and a favourite, amongst my boss and my colleagues, was the idea of the man tou both steamed and fried to be dipped and eaten with the chilli sauce as an accompaniment.

Company was good ( except half the time I probably couldn’t really catch what was going on, being the youngest and only foreigner around) but I am glad they enjoyed and had a taste of Singaporean Cuisine 🙂 Chilli Crabs are Singapore’s national dish and pride indeed 🙂

No Signboard
66-72 Paterson Street, 
Causeway Bay




Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

So after such a full dinner, Boss brought me to try out this double steamed milk . This dessert has always been a “hmm maybe one day I will try it if I don’t get distracted by all the other dessert choices I have”.
I have always seen in the dramas how they savour each bite of this delightful dessert and now to get the opportunity to try it ..


My cold Double steamed milk

He told me that he would always bring friends that come to visit Hong Kong here. I must admit the first bite, it tastes like a milky chawamushi .. and its sweet and delightful. Not too gelard – like you don’t feel sick from eating it .. and I am glad to have gotten to try it.

 Yee Shun Dairy Company  港澳義順牛奶公司
506 Lockhard Road, 
Causeway Bay

Boston Restaurant

Soft Rolls


My kind boss brought me to check out another hunt near the office, as well as introduce me to his friend, who potentially might be my next colleague.

He brought me to Boston restaurant, which setting wise, reminds me of Jack’s place in Singapore, but menu is like Shashlik back in Singapore. So of course being nooobish, I just ordered whatever he ordered since he claims the restaurant speciality is the best. Well, so far in Hong Kong, when in doubt, one can so far not go wrong in ordering the restaurant specialty/ reccomended dishes.

We went ahead with a set meal, that had the hong kong style of Borsch soup:

Borsch Soup

Not bad! hahaha .. surprisingly although it didn’t look that appetizing! and .. of course not forgetting the main lead in …


Steak Flambe

Simmered Steak Flambe In Black Pepper Sauce

They will literally set the steak on fire when you are seated. Awesomeness to the max! Although do remember to lift up your Napkins so that it doesn’t ‘splatter’ into your face or get on your clothes.

This is a definite hit for me! Something different and interesting because you get to choose from 3 types of sauces that you want your steak to be served in, namely Black pepper, Mushroom and garlic(i think).  On the way out we did witness a couple of Hong Kong ladies arguing with each other, one  insisting that the other, an older lady, did not walk properly and bang into her  .. and so they were squabbling on who is right and wrong and how one should educate herself properly, another should just watch where she was going.

Nonetheless, I guess this is just part of getting used to another culture 🙂 interesting!!

Boston Restaurant
3 Luard Road, Wan Chai

Modern China Restaurant

My kind boss took me to go out for dinner and introduced me to another of their taiwanese friend.
Its said that Hong Kong restaurants always need to book, and this particular restaurant sells out their xiao long bao by the thousands a day – and its limited .. 🙂 So why not?? I love xiao long bao .. 🙂

Modern China Restaurant

My boss has a knack for ordering good food.. Everything that came was so good! we were all so stuffed from eating!!

Butter tianjin veg

Crispy Duck

Shanghainese Fried Noodles

Xiao Long Pao

Liu Sha bao

See the goodness running out?

He also ordered this soup .. its like wanton and chicken double boiled soup. I remember it came milky and super rich! A nice bowl of soup to chase away the cold winds of autumn 🙂 Awesomeness! Will totally come back for this man!!

Modern China Restaurant
Shop 1002, 10/F,
Food Forum, Times Square,
1 Matheson Street 
Causeway Bay 


I saw an advertisement for sweets and desserts (yup another media sucker)
So curious me rolled there ..
and also to chat with friend

Tea Set

we shared this :


the looks were so deceiving.. the whole waffle was soggy! I was utterly disappointed ..
Guess another lesson learnt – not to be such a media sucker!!

But the ambience is nice .. might come back to try the cakes instead


G/F, 9 Staunton Street, SOHO,


Pie and Tart Specialist

The last time I came to Hong kong, My brother found this place that sold a special Milk tart and other variations of tarts. I love the hong kong style of thick buttery pastry and this tart when eaten hot, its like mini melting moments of heaven.

Not an exaggeration, but the moment I stepped into Hong Kong, and in the process of settling down, I went to hunt for this milk tart .. And being unfamilar with the roads, I dragged my friend along and boy was he probably cursing at me throughout the way as we got lost turning all over the place.. BUT we finally found it!

Then one day when i was out eating lunch with boss and colleagues, he kindly met me to pass me a tart .. and.. it set the boss so gian to try it .. the following day, he and another colleague took a ferry to tsim tsha tsui and hunted it down, bought a dozen for the office 🙂

Milk Tart

Its like molten in the middle and best eaten hot!! 🙂

Super happy 🙂

Pie&Tart Specialist
57-59 Granville Road
Tsim Tsha Tsui

南記粉麵 Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle

When we get busy, on a rainy day, with a super empty stomach …
I will order…. or my kind colleague that will volunteer to buy lunch back for us .. 🙂

They call it the hong kong ‘zai’ .. which is none other than …

Nan Ji

My order is the usual.. never changes because I like it … 🙂

little pot noodles with pot stickers 🙂

I always order this, the chilli level “siao la” .. and like I think with the noodles that come with it, its abit too much for me .. usually if I were to eat this for dinner, I will add a spring roll and don’t include the noodles that come with it. I think it does have a bit much of msg .. but I love the dumplings nonetheless. Its vege filled and a little meaty .. but more biased towards the veggie side .. 🙂


They have branches all over Hong Kong .. I usually patronize the one near my office or the one near my house ..

南記粉麵 Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle Co. Ltd
 121 Jaffe Road, 
Wan Chai 


One of my favourite all time Hong Kong Snack 雞蛋仔
Its like some times, you just don’t feel like having a complete meal, or rather those times that you feel like you want to have something in between your meals, not too heavy, just greedily something to munch on that is not too savoury, at yet at the same time not too sweet , I highly reccomand this 🙂

The key and skill of making this snack, is to not let the little puffies ( the circular parts that pops out on both sides) too soft and nua when it starts to cool down. There is no filling inside, just thought I let you know but i like it. I did ever walk around and see some stalls selling 1/2 plain flavoured ones and 1/2 chocolate ones.

I super love this and when reccomanded to my friend in Hong Kong, he also seems to take a liking to it 🙂

I usually take a ferry over to tsim tsha tsui to get this! This stall is filled with celebrities photos, and I think they have another outlet in north point as well.

the address of other branches can be found here