Zhan Ji

So i trudged off and met a friend since hes also looking for a job in Hong Kong .. He wanted to go to the famous wanton mee place at Wellington Street, Central.. but was too crowded, so I suggested going to the one across the street called 沾记

Its on the side that when you go up the soho escalators, immediately on your left with your back away from IFC ..

Wanton mee, Kai lan with oyster sauce and Home made fish ball and beef

Home made fish ball and beef slices

ok, you all must be wondering wth? you are in hong kong and you don’t order the wanton mee?? firstly, nothing against the noodles, but as you probably have noticed, I hate prawns. I can take them in soup, but to eat it, I hate the texture.  So ironically I land myself in the land of prawn heaven but I dont eat it ;p

So the fish ball was quite mutan sized – not used to it being so big and soft (nua-ish) in comparison to the Singapore bouncy and smaller fishballs. It had a lemony taste, more ‘fish-pasty-ish’ and the beef  to me felt like they overused their tenderizor ..  nonetheless the noodles is Q-ish ..

None the less the shop does have alot of awards and News paper cuttings. It has its own character in that there is only a certain number of variations in the types of noodles that you can order, as well as side dishes.

Its a miss for me . I used to like it in 2008 when I went there to try with my family, but now I don’t think I will return for seconds :/

first proper meal in hong kong – failss
i felt bad to suggest it

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