戶井北海道米比薩 (Toi hokkaido rice pizza)

So then we explored causeway bay then settled on dinner while exploring ..
we chanced upon this Hokkaido Rice Pizza!
Never have I heard of eating rice pizza .. so ok we gave it a go

Sukiyaki Rice Pizza - can tell by the slices we enjoyed it

Close up

Fried Chicken Knees

This is a surprising Hit 🙂  I think its quite a nice place for a bar snack-ish food as well. Maybe I am noob-ish still in navigating around Hong Kong still, but I would go back for the chicken knees! Its been quite a long while since my tokyo holiday with my family that I find chicken knee!! Its so hard to find it in Singapore .. so yups! this is one of my favourite dish of the night.

The service was quite humms .. took a while to take our orders down ( i also wonder if its because of my broken cantonese as well)

work is going to begin in a few days .. my racing heart ok! till more finds 🙂


Toi hokkaido rice pizza (戶井北海道米比薩)
Shop 9, 1/F, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay

許留山 (Xu Liu Shan)

Following the disappointing lunch, I needed to redeem myself. One place that you have to go in my opinion that stamps “Yes! I HAVE BEEN TO HK!!) is the famous dessert place Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert   許留山

It was opened in Singapore for a while but didn’t take off at that point in time .. so it closed down . This dessert place is scattered all over Hong Kong and serves to me one of the most iconic mango desserts.  Their qualities are consistent over almost every outlet and every season, they come up with different new seasonal drinks and desserts.

Of course, my favourite + my siblings’ favourite is :


I might have mis-spelt the actual name of it .. but this is my most favourite off the menu apart from all the others that is on.  🙂

Total hit for me 🙂 I will come back and eat it 🙂

許留山 (branch)
Yee Wo St,, Causeway Bay

Zhan Ji

So i trudged off and met a friend since hes also looking for a job in Hong Kong .. He wanted to go to the famous wanton mee place at Wellington Street, Central.. but was too crowded, so I suggested going to the one across the street called 沾记

Its on the side that when you go up the soho escalators, immediately on your left with your back away from IFC ..

Wanton mee, Kai lan with oyster sauce and Home made fish ball and beef

Home made fish ball and beef slices

ok, you all must be wondering wth? you are in hong kong and you don’t order the wanton mee?? firstly, nothing against the noodles, but as you probably have noticed, I hate prawns. I can take them in soup, but to eat it, I hate the texture.  So ironically I land myself in the land of prawn heaven but I dont eat it ;p

So the fish ball was quite mutan sized – not used to it being so big and soft (nua-ish) in comparison to the Singapore bouncy and smaller fishballs. It had a lemony taste, more ‘fish-pasty-ish’ and the beef  to me felt like they overused their tenderizor ..  nonetheless the noodles is Q-ish ..

None the less the shop does have alot of awards and News paper cuttings. It has its own character in that there is only a certain number of variations in the types of noodles that you can order, as well as side dishes.

Its a miss for me . I used to like it in 2008 when I went there to try with my family, but now I don’t think I will return for seconds :/

first proper meal in hong kong – failss
i felt bad to suggest it

First Macau Day Trip

Hello Macau!! Golden Lotus

So being the noobish .. I managed to bargain down with this trishaw old man to take me around Macau – well namely to Senardo Square as well as a tour around the casinos – Boy I was amazed He was able to cycle me as well as the way that He cycles on the main roads and roundabouts, its pretty admirable and if I were the car, it would be so hard to stay clear of him .. so anyway back to the sightseeing..

Marina Bay Sands - Macau branch

The grand Lisa Boa

Church behind Senado square

Literal Mobile libaray - What a super ingenius idea! Save on rent!

So, being the normal noob and of course greedy, I began the search for the famous Macau Pork Chop bun! I got lost around the small lanes and was pacing up and down in search for a famous one or one with long queues .. then i chanced upon …

Accordingly the infamous largest french loaf in Macau that created history

so i ended up

disappointed 😦 the pork chop was dry and boney and hard .. the bun so was so hard to bite through! I think it might have been like over toasted .. Its a miss! I wont return for it  ..

I also bought portugese eggtart back for some friends and colleagues to thank them for bringing me out for dinner ( but I personally am a bigger fan of the hong kong style egg tart)

So the day ended going back to Hong Kong in disappointment 😦

I bought the more expensive ticket back to Hong Kong because i got boat sick on the economy seat .. and it comes with a meal .. but also -_- mehsss

set meal - behhh


So I forgot to ask the officer to stamp my work visa .. So I had to leave and return Hong Kong so as to be able to get it stamped ..

So I went to Macau to get it stamped and at the same time, being my first time there, went to explore the place like a tourist too

My childhood favourite - Saint Andre Egg Tarts!! (Dont know why its pronnounced Hondre)


Packing a little 'boat shaped love' with me on board the jet to Macauu

definite Hit for me 🙂

leaving on a jetboat onward Macauuu!!! 🙂

bye sgp

I am relocating to Hong Kong because of a New Job opportunity ..
I don’t know how long I will be gone for …

So i guess my next few posts will be about Hong Kong food finds ..

I will miss my Singapore food
and friends
and family


Sushi Tei

Our gang(and my family) has been very obsessive over Sushi Tei.

Especially when my dad was admitted to the hospital, it was impossible for my mum to have to juggle between work (ok she had me to watch her positions) as well as cook up meals. So everyday(almost) for this period of time, we were familiar faces at this sushi tei outlet . I think they could recognize us, not only by the time we arrive, but also we probably stun them with the amount of food we ordered.

This is on my “must-eat-before-going-Hong Kong” list, so we ordered:

Sushi Tei
290 Orchard Road