So today is our last day .. and just to mark off before going off, one last place to check out – like a one for the road meal till last us till our next trip back to Japan – if we do get the chance

So we went to one of the recommended on the ramen trail map, as it was another highly recommended by the hotel staff

The theme is samurai, we can see it


Even when we enter or when they have to shake the water off the ramen, they would all enthusiastically shout!!! Lead bt the chef that looks like a dinosaur, who cooks the noodles as if like the samurai chopping people’s head’s off .. and shouting the “YOSHA” thingy , the rest follow in Cannon as a form of gusto(I think) and also to display their enthusiasm in what they do.

Japanese chicken rice - not very nice only the sauce

You can choose the strength of the broth, and the size of the bowl.

kong bah noodles - broth was a little salty althought i took the lighter broth, but Noodles SUPER QQQQ

So come here early because there were long queues when we were there at around.. 11:30? Around there..
I think its not bad .. although can’t really agree to the saltiness of this .. but the charsiew is super!!!

Menya Musashi
K-1 Build. 1F,
7-2-6 Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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