By dinner time, dad said he was feeling better! So we headed towards one of the restaurants near by the hotel – just in case he wasn’t feeling up to it half way and decided to come back. This hunt was probably one of the best dinners in Tokyo!

The owner was very helpful and happy to have us .. He even introduced a lot of new things(to us) that we probably will not be able to get or know how to order when we are in Japan.
Pity I do apologise, I don’t have the exact address – I was too sleepy from the whole day to remember to take a name card from this shop.

This meal really challenged our limits.

According to my brother and sister, who tried the horse sashimi said that when you first put into your mouth, it tastes like maguro, then as you finish it, it tastes like mango after taste .. ahaha and mentioned how the texture is grainer than beef or fish for that matter

If we had known that we ate beef guts hotpot, I think we wouldn’t have went ahead to order it.. It was “saiko!” .. the best soup base ever!!


My dad was not feeling well, so we took away some food for him from nearby .. and for my mum who had to take care of him as well ..

So we went near by and took away from Otoya.

Oyaku don - Favourite

ootoya grains porridge

Chicken hot pot

katsu in a hot pot - Yummy!!!

Shinjuku Island Tower
B1F 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo