We decided to head back towards Ikebukuru, just like how we came last year and stayed around this area for a Ramen that we crazily patronised at least once a day!

Kamukara Ramen


Gyoza - no biggie

Its been a while 🙂

I like how their eggs are actually marinated? and not seperately boiled .. so it has it own sauce taste in it! 🙂

Beautiful eggs!

Tori Karage .. neh i don't think so

So glad to have made this trip back here to try this! Just exactly like how i remembered 🙂 This is just awesomeness it itself! Just stick to ordering ramen! Their broth is clear and is different from the other styles of ramen that we have eaten thus far.

Kamukara Ramen
1丁目-29-5 Higashi
ikebukuro Toshima,
Tokyo, Japan

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