Tokyo: #6.1

We went to visit this WW2 museum that documented ww2 from a Japanese point of view. My dad clearly insisted we had to go there,so we went there.. apart from the history part, the weather was just awesome


although i must say that place is really scenic! I absolutely loved

a hidden pond

and we were near this sumo museum/venue where they would hold Sumo matches during the Sumo Wrestling Season


had a sucky lunch not worth blogging about since I also didn’t know where the exact address was .. but found a cafe near that area.. a few shops down from the place


Dried Orange Decorations

green tea cookie - awesome

chocolate chip cookies with almond - soso

raisin and custard roll thingy- normal tasting

walnut and banana cake + raisin and custard ( that tasted like kaya) toast - to die for we ordered 2 of the toast

Indian Chai tea with ginger syrup

Syrup Pot! so cute!

place where they use to put scones! a traditional old weighing scale!!

sighs pies . If only someone could recognise this place and the address, so i can do it some justice when posting it .. 😦

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