Tokyo #5.1

We headed towards Tokyo, although leaving a little fuller, rounder and with a heavier heart and body weight! I dont dare to think how much weight I have put on after all these incessant eating. So we took the train, and I thought to make my Japan experience a little more authentic, I bought myself an Onigiri to eat on the trip to Tokyo.

Mentai Onigiri ūüôā


After we arrived in Tokyo, we checked into our hotel, at Shinjuku, and went to find Ramen. ¬†We were introduced this Ramen map that the hotel had¬†conveniently¬†mapped out with its surrounding areas (Aren’t the Japanese meticulous or what?) ¬†and we of course asked for their personal rankings in which they deemed were the best before making the trip. So we headed to Santouka, I believe we also do have a branch in Singapore.

Shoyu Ramen

Charsiew Rice = good stuff

Well i think the only complaint was that the  eggs kinda dont really pass the normal molten standard.


Santouka Ramen
1F, 1-18-5, Nakaoki bldg
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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