Kobe: #4.4


So my dad decided to round off the whole Kobe restaurant, we should find a steak house and have the whole Kobe Beef Steak before leaving for back to Osaka!

Quaint Standing Bar

So as we walked towards the station,

at the crossroads

ok being dramatic .. but we walked into this steak house that we saw immediately opposite the JR Station. Sorry I can’t seem to find the address of this place off the internet, but I do have good pictures of it to compensate! 🙂 Because we booked for dinner later back at the crab place, we ordered 2 steaks to share between all of us.

Restaurant Ruke Menu

Clam Chowder

Salad with Special homemade dressing

Dipping Sauces :Shoyu, wasabi and Mustard - Awesome

Kobe Beef steak!!! cooked in its original form without any condiments

So i guess this was a good meal to round up the Kobe Experience!!!
Back to Osaka we go….

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