Kobe: #4.2

We went around exploring, and found this!

Flower Clock!!! @ kobe in the rabbit year

I thought this is pretty cool! ok .. then lunch time!

. I mean, here we are at a historically ex-port, where the melting point of western influences and Japanese local cultures meet, how not to try a “fusion-ed” cuisine? We love the one that is close to french Japanese fusion called Ma Maison in Singapore,My Sister and I super love french fusion-ed Japanese CuisineI thought I should try to introduce it to my family since we both love it so much, hoping that they might love it! but.. I don’t think they did in the end.. but only both of us thoroughly did!

Entrance of Jujiya

Entrance of this Quaint French infused shop

Clam Chowder soup - super creamy yummy

Soft Rolls - awesome

beef stew

Pork Chop and Ebi tempura

Katsu Hiyashi rice

we decided to be greedy and ordered Omu rice (Omelette) to share. Sorry the spoons went in too fast! I could only take a half eaten picture of it

Omu rice

and of course for me ..in its original form:


Is there another way to spell awesomeness? I felt so excited and happy to be finally eating this dish in its original form! and with Kobe Beef!!! I found this restaurant off this magazine, and they pride themselves in taking 3 days to make French demi-glace brown sauce! So awesome!!!! I wish there was another  phrase to use to describe this but its really pure AWESOME 🙂 I love KOBE

Grill Jujiya
Kobe Chuo-ku Edo-machi
96 Strong Building, 1st Floor
From Sannomiya Station (all lines), walk south on Flower Road, then west at the Flower Clock, then two blocks south

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