Osaka #3.3

Then since we had Okonomiyaki, we decided we should at least give that big attraction a shot. How can we be here and not try out what is the iconic restaurant of Dotonburi?

Kani Doraku

So our crab feast begins!!!

Cold Snow Crab

Kani(Crab) Cream Croquette -so so

Crab Hot Pot

after the end of the hot pot, they put in rice to the soup, so its like a crab soup porridge with all the crab essence - SUPER SHIOKS

and last but not least, ending off the meal with:

Matcha Ice-cream/ Ice cream in Matcha?

This was just awesome! We booked our dinner for here tomorrow night! We just died and went to crab heaven! The crabs were so fresh and sweet!! No signs of smelly seafood taste! just pure awesomeness

Kani Doraku
1-6-18 Dotonbori, Osaka

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