Osaka: #1.3

We were supposed to meet our dad’s friend for dinner. He used to be a well known trader in Japan, he was formally the youngest trader in Japan last time, to have have to pay a substantial amount of income tax. He was so influential that housewives all follows the style he trades. His friendship with my parents also started in Singapore, he came over to trade as well in the past, and got to know my parents in the pit.

so Osaka, being his home now, he brought us to a toufu dinner, and since he knew what happened to my dad, he opted for a healthier alternative just specially catered to dad’s health. We were at first quite “wrinkle nose” and in that position that you cannot refuse the person since he already made a reservation to this restaurant months before our arrival, nonetheless, I must say, for a toufu themed dinner, we were all blown away and ended up enjoying the whole course!

This place is quite exclusive. They only take reservations! Heard this place is very popular with the OLs! Will so totally come back here if i ever visit Osaka!

 Shinsaibashi plum blossom
OPA Building
11F 1-4-3
Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka Nishishinsaibashi 

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