Fabulosity Birthday

Its my birthday, So i decided to go celebrate it in ‘fabulosity’ 🙂 What better more to celebrate a profitable trading month with my favourite people in the world and themed in my favourite colours 🙂 They were all sporting and all turned up in my favourite colours!!!! So I bought lunch at Dozo since dinner on my actual birthday was hard to co-ordinate and everyone could make it for lunch.

Maybe I would come back again .. but not in the short term .. I can’t really pin point what is really bad or what is good .. I liked my main, which was the hot stone beef, I liked the mushroom soup.

I can’t really remember the starters .. Guess it didn’t make that big an impression, None the less, spending the day with my favourite people in my favourite colours 🙂

Happy stylo milo birthday to me 🙂 May the 20s be the time of my life

491 River Valley Road
Valley Point

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