Happy Birthday Mummers :)

Today is my Mother’s birthday .. So since my brother has been on a ‘I-want-to-try-out-all-the-fine-dinning-restaurants-in-Singapore’ “spree” 🙂 He suggested going to Goto for a nice Japanese meal and treat since October is a double blessing birthday month for my mum, and historically the 1987 October crash was when she had broken her own record profit in trading 🙂 This year was no exception 🙂 Double celebration for us all, for this special woman who plays  such a big role in our lives, nag at us up the wall, and always insists on the importance of meal times – the only time of the day when the whole family are able to come together and find out about what went on their day. I am blessed she always takes the extra effort to go and please our fussy palates (as ‘trained up’ by my father) and whips up home cooked meals to our perfection. 

without further ado

The way the place was decorated was reflective of the food that they served us.  It was so simple but yet the amount of work required, for example, to have to continuously strain the dashi broth until its clear, or even as simple as using the stalk to thread the ginkgo nut without it splitting into half was just amazing.  This style of Japanese food in its simplistic form truly tested the chef’s skills not only in presentation, but also the efforts that goes the chef goes through in attain such results.

‘Kaiseki ryori‘ in this case went down well with my family, and a nice starter to our Japan holiday to come!!! 🙂 I think we overall enjoyed the simplicity of the food and something different instead of the heavy portions of  meat style of Western dinning.  Most importantly, our birthday girl was happy 🙂

We work hard and enjoy our good food .
Happy Birthday Mummy Yong! One step closer to withdrawing your CPF money!!!

Goto Japanese Restaurant
14 Ann Siang Road

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