Friends and I have been into Pool lately. .. so the loser team will buy the winning team supper 🙂

Fortunately for me, I have a good partner, and we got treated to supper 🙂

we trudged to the only open eating places – namely the stretch of restaurants opposite beauty world for our supper treat .. and we went to Al-Ameen.

Teh Chinno, Teh Halia and Ice Teh


Roti Prata , eggs and onion, plain, eggs

Tissue Prata

Roti Bomb ❤


I think its quite a not bad over all prata place to be, and also because it opens till late 🙂 although I must say my encounter this particular day, there was quite a sneaky old man that kept casting looks at us all .. which was abit disturbing .. But I would return for the Roti bomb 🙂 and the teh chino


Address: 2,3,4 Cheong Chin Nam RoadSingapore
Tel: +65 6462 1996


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