Fredo Galaxy

From the name of it, it sounds like an ice-cream flavour or a newly launched special of the chocolate, fredos.

I chanced upon this hidden bakery in the estates of Tanglin Hawk while on the way to work with my parents. I must say this is a real hidden gem with super good cookies and pound cakes.

My favourite, including my parents as well, is none other than

mini drops of jam greatness

The sell it all by the bottle as per below

Hellooo 🙂

See how thick the pastry is 🙂

my parents like the cake very much because it reminded them of their childhood food, as well as they felt it was not too sweet for their liking.

banana. walnut. chocolate pound cake

will definitely make the trip back here 🙂

Fredo Galaxy
Address: Blk 46-3 Commonwealth Drive, #01-388 
Tel: +65 9185 2932

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