Tamaya Dinning

My friend and I have been searching around for supper places to go after we finish our Japanese classes. Instead of those usual 24 hour joints that open till late, we went down cuppage and chanced upon this place!
Its a all Japanese crowd, and the waitress is super friendly in directing us and recommending us dishes to try. This set of pictures that are going to be uploaded are not going to do justice to the amazingness of  the food because its all taken on handphone with bad lighting ..

Tamaya Dinning

I was on a Mentaiko pasta crave!! so at this hour where most shops are closed, I decided to go ahead and try this!!! and it turned out to be what i exactly wanted!

Mentaiko Pasta


Miso Egg plant

Baked scallop Gratin

Upon conversing with the friendly waitress, she told us that they change their menus on the bi-weekly basis, depending on the seasonal produce that they could get. This makes me want to go back to the place more often!!! Cant wait to see what the chef comes up with the next time around I visit!!

Tamaya Dinning
45/47 Cuppage Road,
Cuppage Terrace,