So where else can i find a good brunch??
I am fussy about my poached eggs meals

1. Hollandaise must be nicely balanced – not too creamy, not too egg yolky , pleasantly yellow with tinges of lemon

2. Happy Eggs – otherwise defined as runny egg yolks upon being sliced on the first cut, doesnt look too shrivelled, with a little bit of it pre-cooked

3. Toast/muffin/crumplets – not too brownly toasted, not overtly toasted until you can taste the burnt parts, can’t be soggy until its soaked with egg yolks and hollandaise

see quite an easy customer I am 🙂

that being said, I think I have found one of my favourite brunch places for a quick brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

Eggs Benedict 🙂 love the potatos

Ceasar Salad

Mocha in a nostagic mug

This place is a hit for me .  The pictures are taken at Rail mall – their second outlet . The ambience here is very bustling on a Sunday morning, nicely situated. Food is great and Service is also great 🙂  I will return back here when I need my brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

392 The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6894-5926