Matcha Kit Kat

So I love my snacks .. 🙂

I can’t remember who bought this, but I still found it in my fridge

Matcha Kit Kat!!!

Yummers .. well something different from the usual Kit Kat
No complain but pretty not bad

so when you get busy, as lame as I am going to sound:
have a break,
have a

Maybe i will buy it, if i see it around

A Private Affair

we graciously got invited by my mum’s friend to her birthday celebration at Private Affairs 🙂 I must say we went in with an empty stomach, and left rolling out of the restaurant. We had the Buffet Brunch and it was awesome!!!
My favourite was the Eggs Benedict! I loved how he charred the Hollandaise sauce. His wagyu Beef Burger as well – just awesome the truffle mayo! Just I think I couldnt really enjoy it since I was so stuffed. My mum’s friend was very well acquainted with the main chef, so we also ended up getting alot of freebies and things not on the menu.
I will let the pictures do the talking

I overall enjoyed the experience and would return again!
But I do hear that they will be moving next year to a more central area … so I would return and look forward to another meal of chef Paul’s creations 🙂

Private Affairs

Al Dente Trattoria(Esplanade)

Another way to celebrate the Youth Olympic Games Closing (YOG) closing .. I was feeling a little down and my trusty friend accompanied me to go see the fireworks from the closing of the YOG ceremony. I was quite excited to be able to see the fireworks since I mean the opening ceremony one, I liked the part when they played the National  Anthem and the fireworks that accompanied that part was the highlight to me.

So we scoured the restaurants near the esplanade rooftops, and found this place where it was pretty near one part of where the ceremony was being held .. and caught the fireworks as well  🙂

The night view

our view from where we were sitting

our drinks 🙂

Baked Parmesan Egg plant

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Risotto with truffle oil

overall the ambience was pretty and it was quite a good place to sit at to catch the night view of the Singapore CBD buildings, as well as the marnia bay sands.  Have a good evening!!

waiting for the fireworks

i like this shot the best!


Al Dente Trattoria(Esplanade)
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13 
Esplanade Mall,

Tamaya Dinning

My friend and I have been searching around for supper places to go after we finish our Japanese classes. Instead of those usual 24 hour joints that open till late, we went down cuppage and chanced upon this place!
Its a all Japanese crowd, and the waitress is super friendly in directing us and recommending us dishes to try. This set of pictures that are going to be uploaded are not going to do justice to the amazingness of  the food because its all taken on handphone with bad lighting ..

Tamaya Dinning

I was on a Mentaiko pasta crave!! so at this hour where most shops are closed, I decided to go ahead and try this!!! and it turned out to be what i exactly wanted!

Mentaiko Pasta


Miso Egg plant

Baked scallop Gratin

Upon conversing with the friendly waitress, she told us that they change their menus on the bi-weekly basis, depending on the seasonal produce that they could get. This makes me want to go back to the place more often!!! Cant wait to see what the chef comes up with the next time around I visit!!

Tamaya Dinning
45/47 Cuppage Road,
Cuppage Terrace,



So where else can i find a good brunch??
I am fussy about my poached eggs meals

1. Hollandaise must be nicely balanced – not too creamy, not too egg yolky , pleasantly yellow with tinges of lemon

2. Happy Eggs – otherwise defined as runny egg yolks upon being sliced on the first cut, doesnt look too shrivelled, with a little bit of it pre-cooked

3. Toast/muffin/crumplets – not too brownly toasted, not overtly toasted until you can taste the burnt parts, can’t be soggy until its soaked with egg yolks and hollandaise

see quite an easy customer I am 🙂

that being said, I think I have found one of my favourite brunch places for a quick brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

Eggs Benedict 🙂 love the potatos

Ceasar Salad

Mocha in a nostagic mug

This place is a hit for me .  The pictures are taken at Rail mall – their second outlet . The ambience here is very bustling on a Sunday morning, nicely situated. Food is great and Service is also great 🙂  I will return back here when I need my brunch fix 🙂

Café Epicurious at The Rail Mall

392 The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6894-5926