Perth:#4.2 Restaurant Amuse

As suggested by brother , we booked for restaurant Amuse as it was accordinglt one of the must eat restaurants in perth. This was the main dinner that all of us were looking forward to throughout the whole trip! It is a very small tucked away restaurant, with limited sittings.

We were all very impressed with the service and servers. The pairings to each dish was executed perfectly.  we were particularly pleased with the sommelier coming to the table to explain the pairings of the wines and why they were matched to the meal – that I think made it a cut above the rest.

Thoroughly enjoyed this meal. I liked how the food was quite whimsical, which totally reflected the name of the restaurant. Pity I forgot to ask the Chef for a copy of the menu tonight – so some of the things are based on what i remembered it as.  I liked how they deconstructed and presented the dish in a way that was very playful to the eyes 🙂

Restaurant Amuse
64 Bronte Street
Perth CBD WA 6004

Perth: #4.1

We have finally more or less settled all the errands that my lil sister has to do.. and then we decided to check out this place, as noted in brother’s list of places that we should go to.

I must say I am impressed by the decorations!

Being here made me feel like saving the earth and use recycled materials on a more consistant basis.
But i thought food was something different from the normal 🙂

100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000