As dictated from my brother’s list of gourmet food to try, tonight we are in for treat!! We booked for one of the restaurants that he found had “a swag of awards”, would not be as good as tomorrow’s one.. but worth to go down and check out..

I didn’t have a good impression of this place, namely i thought the staff were abit .. they gave that vibe like “oh.. what do you know about eating in these kinda restaurants”  .. and, the lighting was so dim, it was so hard for me to take a nice picture of the food, let alone know what i was exactly eating at the point in time.

Its not bad but i don’t think i will return again.

6 The Esplanade
Perth 6000 WA

Perth: #3.1

We went back to Joy Garden Restaurant since the owner managed to convince us that he had better dim sum than dragon palace .. But I think, overall, dragon Palace was still better than his :/ oops sorry to say .. they win in terms of variety .. But dinner wise, of course this place is still better i think (not that i tried dragon palace for dinner), but all thoroughly enjoyed the crab that was done in 2 ways, as well as the pigeon and “ngao zai quat].

Joy Garden Restaurant
65 Francis St
Northbridge 6003