Ma Maison

Imagine. Having to write about food when you are very hungry at the moment .
Ok that being aside I shall write about one of my so far favourite places that I have been introduced to .
You see, when i first started learning Japanese, as well as starting to like Arashi, this uber funny boy band,


ok but of course this is not a post dedicated to them. I just remember watching a drama called  流星の絆 (Ryusei no Kizuna) starring one of the Arashi members 二宮和也 (ninomiya kazunari) with the main plot that surrounds a family based western restaurant in Japan, on the night that the 3 children sneaks out to watch the meteor rain, they return to find their parents murdered. So the plot evolves from there to find out the murder. Of which, in every episode, they kept talking about and kept making hiyashi rice.

Being the normal noob me, I didn’t know of the existence of such a dish as part of the Japanese western cuisine. Thanks to my friend who is a super fan of 二宮和也, she also was inspired to try the dish, and she successfully found it and brought me there! 🙂

We went to  … Ma Maison!!! this is one of my favourite restaurant in Singapore. It has a very family oriented and themed decoration , well it feels just as how i imagined it to be in the real kind of Japanese -Western restaurant setting,

Consequently, as this is one of my sister’s favourite places to dine as well, before she left overseas to study, my friend and I decided to bring her there to give her our mini version of a ‘sendoff’ ..


This is a super big HIT for me .. I super love this place and so far on my trips back, their standard are pretty consistent and no bloopers so far in the dishes that I have been ordering. I super love this and its my favourite food to eat with friends. 🙂

Beef Stranganoff rice ❤

This is my ultimate favourite must order dish when I am there 🙂

Squid Ink Seafood Pasta


Mentaiko Pasta

Kani (Crab) cream croquette


although for this particular meal, it was so bittersweet .. didn’t expect her to leave so soon 😦 .. boy does time fly.. but on a happier note, we all left with happy tummies .. :/

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