Awesome .. a last dinner for my little sister before she goes to perth to further her studies

3 appetizers that came

scallops wrapped in dried noodles - ok

siew mai with beef - prawn tasters said ok

lobster mixed with mayo and topped with fish role on a spring onion based "prata" - prawn tasters said its thumbs up

kailan with mui choy - excellent

lamb withh curr-ish sauce thingy?... mini surprise inside that dim sum steamer ..yup its a ball of glutinous rice 🙂 rice after not having it for 3 months = happiness
taste testers review - must eat it with the rice otherwise it will have that lamby or the curry taste too overpowering

baked mushroom in paper with mushroom soup that is based in soya bean!!!
innovatively awesome dish 🙂

lobster noodles - disappointed ; lobster monsters hated the tomato base

seafood broth pao fan 🙂 best dish of the night .. too busy chomping it down, no time to take picture

lastly to end off, i was really craving my favourite classic dessert of all times to me, which is

molten lava cakee!!!!

Overall I think we enjoyed eating here, although I thought the best dish was the seafood rice, where there was a clever use of rice puffs ( i think is rice that had been baked) and mix it into the normal kind of porridge texture rice. I loved that part of the dinner, as well as .. we also ordered steam fish in lotus leaf, but i forgot to take a picture  of it and feel quite embarassed to show a half eaten fish ;/ *yikes*

Resorts World Sentosa
Hotel Michael
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138 
Tel: +65 6884 7888

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