Timbre at substation

This pub is popular must go for all of us to unwind on a  hectic crazy day, and especially when we crave duck pizza! The duck pizza here is unique in their shredded wanton skins to match with the pizza!  Additionally, there are live local bands that perform on a daily basis! And sweetly I was brought here before leaving for hong kong .. Will definitely miss this when I am there!!


Seafood Mariana Pizza

Duck Pizza

Timbre Wings

Kick back and enjoy a beer with pizza on a breezy night

Timbre@ substation
45 Armenian St
Singapore 179936

Perth: #5.2

One last meal as a complete family before both brother and I leaves. Perth has been a little too boring and slow moving for us both, we were quite glad to return home.. although with quite a  heavy heart to not have sister around …
So together with the parents, we went to another Chinese restaurant

I thought the food was average .. But I liked the noodles very much! I think they did a pretty good job in controlling the fire .. other than that, this place feels like a tourist trap .

 North Bridge Chinese Restaurant
26 Roe St
Northbridge 6003 WA

Perth: #5.1

How could we be in Australia and not have a decent brunch/ eggs benedict??
Partly because brother and I were leaving back to Singapore first, we siblings decided to spend some time together, and bonded over brunch – just like in Singapore.

Chocolate Milkshake


Manhattan Super: Bacon, Eggs, Chipolatas, mushrooms, hash brown and baked beans

Eggs Florentine: Poached eggs, has brown, spinach, mushrooms hollandaise sauce on english muffins

Happy Eggs

Manhattan’s on Hay
230 Hay St
Perth 6000 WA


Perth:#4.2 Restaurant Amuse

As suggested by brother , we booked for restaurant Amuse as it was accordinglt one of the must eat restaurants in perth. This was the main dinner that all of us were looking forward to throughout the whole trip! It is a very small tucked away restaurant, with limited sittings.

We were all very impressed with the service and servers. The pairings to each dish was executed perfectly.  we were particularly pleased with the sommelier coming to the table to explain the pairings of the wines and why they were matched to the meal – that I think made it a cut above the rest.

Thoroughly enjoyed this meal. I liked how the food was quite whimsical, which totally reflected the name of the restaurant. Pity I forgot to ask the Chef for a copy of the menu tonight – so some of the things are based on what i remembered it as.  I liked how they deconstructed and presented the dish in a way that was very playful to the eyes 🙂

Restaurant Amuse
64 Bronte Street
Perth CBD WA 6004

Perth: #4.1

We have finally more or less settled all the errands that my lil sister has to do.. and then we decided to check out this place, as noted in brother’s list of places that we should go to.

I must say I am impressed by the decorations!

Being here made me feel like saving the earth and use recycled materials on a more consistant basis.
But i thought food was something different from the normal 🙂

100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000


As dictated from my brother’s list of gourmet food to try, tonight we are in for treat!! We booked for one of the restaurants that he found had “a swag of awards”, would not be as good as tomorrow’s one.. but worth to go down and check out..

I didn’t have a good impression of this place, namely i thought the staff were abit .. they gave that vibe like “oh.. what do you know about eating in these kinda restaurants”  .. and, the lighting was so dim, it was so hard for me to take a nice picture of the food, let alone know what i was exactly eating at the point in time.

Its not bad but i don’t think i will return again.

6 The Esplanade
Perth 6000 WA

Perth: #3.1

We went back to Joy Garden Restaurant since the owner managed to convince us that he had better dim sum than dragon palace .. But I think, overall, dragon Palace was still better than his :/ oops sorry to say .. they win in terms of variety .. But dinner wise, of course this place is still better i think (not that i tried dragon palace for dinner), but all thoroughly enjoyed the crab that was done in 2 ways, as well as the pigeon and “ngao zai quat].

Joy Garden Restaurant
65 Francis St
Northbridge 6003


Perth: # 2.2 Joy Garden

The pace of perth is really slow! and laid back! to get things done quick and fast is quite a chore (i totally for the first time in my life shouted and fought with this internet operator over how to spell the stupid address -_-) ok that aside, so i guess we are kinda on a mission to eat up all the chinese food in china town .. *kidding

By the time we reached back and got out again, we went back to North bridge and went into a seafood restaurant


Joy garden restaurant
65 Francis St
Northbridge 6003

Perth: #2.1 Fremantale

This place reminded me of my secondary school trip – where we raised our own funds to bring the whole basketball and netball team to perth for a holiday cum friendly matches. Fremantle especially had quite fond memories, when we went to pay a visit to the prison at night!

So after trying to get my sister settled down in her new church, we went for lunch with one of my parent’s old time friend from the exchange – indeed its a super small world. It seems like a mini Singapore there.. So we headed for fish and chips at Cicerello’s
as reccomended by them.

might consider coming back for the fish and chips – I thought they were too oily for my liking.
The mussels were quite delightful ..

other than that.. neh don’t really think so

44 Mews Rd

Perth: #1.1 North Bridge Delights

We arrived in Perth
so since my sister is going to perth to study, it became a family affair- to help settle her in and buy things that she needed, familiarise herself with the environment. Most importantly we broke our diets .
so being the typical Chinese family, we went to search for dim sum – my brother was incharge of finding food places and restauarants for us to go to in Perth.
We headed down to North bridge road towards chinatown since we arrived so early.. so we just pop-ed into which ever had a space and seat..

Dragon Palace

Har gao, chicken feet, char siew sau, pork ribs

Lo Mai Kai

Special dumpling

Char Siew Pau

Xiao Long Pau

Beef Balls on Toufu

Char Siew Buns

Pan Fried Carrot Cakes

Scallop Rolls

Lao Sar Pau

Look at the Roe

Wont order that toufu thing, pork ribs and scallop rolls.

Dragon Palace
66 Francis St