Guess who came in town in Singapore!!!

Nandos!! (wonder if its as good as the Australia one … )
It brought so much student filled memories .. like how there was so many outlets all over that queueing was such a rare thing  .. and it was such a to go easy pack home comfort food 🙂


Mild quarter chicken with potato salad and grilled vegetables

Peri Peri Fries!!!!

The queue was uberly long!!! because its quite newly opened i guess that explains the long queue.. staff was friendly but slow in refilling water .. we had to keep signaling them a couple of times before we could get ours refilled.

well i guess not bad! it did satisfy chicken nandos style cravings, can’t complain. The chicken was not  over cooked, nor was it red inside (sometimes when chicken is like roasted then it remains red inside and yuckies).

Will come back again to satisfy a Nandos craving ..  Guess its the same with the troopers that came with me 🙂