KL Highlights

Another highlight was : stepping into the KL Chinatown, Jalan Petaling. We found all these :

Credits should go to this old lady who makes such yummy rich thick milo!!! on a blistering hot day like such, one takeway packet saved our day! look at the way she pours out the milo! i hadn’t had known of such thick ones (other than if i made it myself)

Milo Pro

then we walked on and found

Cheong Kee Noodles

Lao Shu fun or also known as mee tai mak

Prawn noodles

Dry Noodles - gan lo mee

And of course, I chased after this uncle on wheels for his mee chiam kueh. I can’t explain but his mee chiam kueh has one of the best fillings, and skin wise it is miraculously crispy! even when its kind of cold, its still crispy!!!

Mee chiam kueh on the wheels

Mee Chiam Kueh

Then of course, to buy back souveniers,

traditional bakery

all packed and ready to go home

one of the most memorable eating trips ever 🙂

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