Ah Guan Mee Pok

My dad brought my sister and I to try this Bah Chor mee . He was telling us the story behind this man who started this place, about how he started from making bah chor mee, and had a few busniess ventures. Those ventures didn’t work out and he went back into this again and started from scratch… Life does have its ups and downs!
I love Bah Chor mee and I would super crave for this local delight! Its one of my favourite must have local food! So we went and there were very limited things on the menu – we still ended up ordering almost everything anyway.

$5 bowl - mee pok with fish slices

My $3 bowl!!!

Usually all the mee poks came with prawn, but they happen to run out of prawns that day, so they gave me an extra scallop in place (I mean I am not complaining since i super hate prawns) hahahah 🙂

teochew dumpling soup

This soup is awesome! the dumplings inside after a while made the soup very cloudy.. but when drank hot is quite good! before it becomes starchy!

Thai Toufu

see this mini melting pot of heaven! Oh my goodness makes me think “toufu toufu toufu”!!!


This is my new favourite bah chor mee place to be! I am in heaven 🙂
Their claypot porridges are also quite a super different kinda porridge style. The broth is super awesome!!!
I am so coming back here everytime I need to settle a Bah Chor Mee craving!!!
although I must say, parking can be quite difficult as well – not only that its all parallel, but the road is pretty congested as well!

Ah Guan Mee Pok
69 Syed Alwi Road, 

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