This is a very back dated post.. but i remember writing a post about it because it was one of my highlights 2010 .

I can’t remember exactly the exact name and order of the food, but please enjoy the pictures nonetheless :p hahaha .. Sorry about that, I do sincerely apologise for my forgetfulness in not doing the place enough justice  by not making the effort to remember the exact ingredients and order of each surprise..

I all along was under the impression that french food is really for the S sized skinny people that eat spoonfuls per meal .. nonetheless, i must say that i was really full after the meal .. including my whole family.

I was pretty impressed ..  The portioning was not only generous,  each next dish that came burst with flavours and it felt like New Year’s in my mouth (ok can’t really find another way to describe it) .. On top of the menu, I don’t know was it because we were sitting at the open kitchen, but we had many dishes that were not listed on the menu throughout the whole dinner course

It was just an awesome way to start 2010 🙂 on a super yummy tummy note
My favourites were : The Eggs, The Spachettini and especially the Beef – super loved that pairing . The wine had exactly brought out the sweetness of the wine and (ok maybe I am just a super idiot here) the tenderness of the beef.
The desserts were spectacular in presentation, taste and totally blew my mind away 🙂

I truly respect this place in earning their stars and look forward to returning here.

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