We were invited to have a christmas celebration with my mum’s friend family.
They kindly invited the whole family to join their family in a joint christmas celebration! since we were all not able to leave Singapore for Christmas this year ūüôā


so everything was ordered according to her wishes and specially suited accordingly.. I am not sure if the dishes are ‘order-able’ off the menu .. and I do apologize that my picture taking skills does not do justice in reflecting the amazingness of the food that night.


Assorted sashimi. Uni, Otoro, Sea bream, sweet prawn

Prawn with eggs

beef teppanyaki style with seasonal vegetables

Fried Bean Sprouts with Saffron

Seared Sea bass in special sauce reduction

So to end off the night, we had dessert

Matcha and Goma ice cream with azuiki (red beans)

I would totally come back here! if not for this Christmas celebration, I would not have known about this place!

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore  
Swissotel The Stamford,
Singapore 189560

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