Yoshimaru Ramen

So my sis and I made our profits for the day and decided to go check out this place at Holland V that newly opened a ramen bar .

Ramen and my family are like always agreeable. This particular one was Hakata style Ramen – meaning that the noodles were very thin, and they were mainly pork broth style of ramen

my sister ordered:

Char Siew Ramen

I ordered the same, but with an additional topping of seaweed

Seaweed Char Siew Ramen

accompanying it, they gave us sesame seeds to grate and add into our ramen

Sesame seeds

Apart from this motar and pastel to be quite seemingly authentic in Japanese cuisine, we agreed and felt that the overall broth of the ramen was too strong .. it had that porky lingering after taste (which i personally do not enjoy) .. the Eggs were not done very nicely either …
Don’t think I will return here for the ramen .. But maybe the buns? they look so cute ..

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput, 
Holland Village,