Outram Park Ya Hua Bah Kuet Teh

Hmmss.. its been a while.. sorry for the late posts.. been studying for my japanese exams.. but nonetheless thank you all for reading my blog! hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoy posting pictures up 🙂 my bb is now a panda theme cool 🙂 ok random …

Bah Kuet Teh.. a dish that was disputed to not be our national dish .. blah blah.. will not go into that .. but since young, probably because my mother doesnt feed us with herbal soup much, so we all prefer to go for the peppery based kind of bah kuet teh .. .. especially when the yu char kuey ( or termed/translated as CHINESE DOUGHNUTS by aussies – i still can laugh typing it out or even ordering it back in melbourne)  is soaked in the goodness of the soup and eaten half soggy half crispy 🙂 and the meat aka Bah Kuet must be the right kind of ribs that is used.. like those has a single bone and not those series of mini bones inside.. ok i prefer it like that..  and fats all boiled into the soup .. so clear that the visible eye is not able to detect it  …

well, i wanted to eat xiao long bao because i have been craving it for a while, but my dad didn’t budge in letting me satisfy my craving.. so we compromised and went for Bah Kuet Teh .. as it has been raining in Singapore for quite a while, so its quite nice to have something hot and soupy just to make yourself feel better ..

so we went to this Bah Kuet Teh place near PSA( Port Authority of Singapore) .. and it was rumoured that once the prince/king of Brunei wanted to eat Bah Kuet Teh but everywhere didn’t want to open for him.. only this stall in particular, hence forth shot to stardoom .. pictures of celebrities that visited the shop pasted all over the shops ..

Outram Park Ya Hua Bah Kuet Teh


Overall.. i will give it a Green light because if the soup pass, it mainly passses … Oh and if it has Te Kah ( Pig’s legs)  is a even more pass… it went down well with my folks and I 🙂 After all, who can complain with good service ( no need to keep on asking them to refill the soup – they stand around and automatically refill), variety is quite there .. abit more than the usual .. but I dont remember seeing any large intestines 😦 ok .. but back to it  let the pictures speak for itself:



The Peanuts were one of my favourites 🙂 It was not like those typical Chinese restaurants where  it                                                                        becomes very chui and  all nua and disgustingly saltish .. like those chinese                                                    restaurants that leave it soaking half dead inside the dish ..Yew Char Kuey

The Yew Char Kuey was crispy but not oily, so when it

was bathing in the goodness of the soup, it maintained

its crispy and soggi-ness .. i enjoyed it 🙂

Tau Pok

Tau Pok

Tau Pok i like .. i like how its like a mini sponge that absorbs all the essence 🙂 and like this one is very thoroughly cooked because there was no hint of the plastic taste .. like food just freshly opened from plastic packagings .. and it was not too over done so i enjoyed this 🙂

Of course Most importantly, the star of the shop:

Bah Kuet Teh

Bah Kuet Teh

totally loved it and its goodness 🙂 it is very enlarged for people that are not able to eat it now 🙂 and of course dedicated to my bah kuet tei-ies 🙂

ok moving on, what i thought was only ok..

kiam chai (salted veggies)

kiam chai (salted veggies)

Kiam Chai i didn’t like it as much as i thought.. maybe cos   there is this big perturding piece that that made it look abit  sian to chew on .. it wasn’t as saltish as i liked it .. and didn’t      really go with my mee sua nicely .. disappointed 😦

mee sua

The Mee Sua i would say i was a lil disappointed .. it was  a little soggy by the time i digged into it  .. but their service                                      was that, unless the person was there then they will serve it .. so that redeemed it …. I should have just eaten it first

tao kuah

tao kuah

Tao Kuah .. I dont know what happened to my picture.. dont know why it looks like dumbo for now .. but  i dont usually eat it,, my parents like it .. maybe its some older generational thing … i think Tao Kua is like a misplaced toufu identity … its like tofu is soft soft and jelly-ish … this one is like a mo peng (pimpled acne-ed) cheater of feelings .. one bite into it it doesnt feel like you are eating something similarly to toufu .. its like a meat wannabe or something .. but the sauce is nice to go with rice

But this place, is one place i will come back to! 🙂 i didn’t managed to take a picture of the te kah because it got wacked up by my dad very fast and instant ..  although its slighly more ex than the normal bah kuet teh shops around ..

ok.. have a great week! i will try to be more frequent in uploading posts!!!

2 thoughts on “Outram Park Ya Hua Bah Kuet Teh

  1. Wah, shiok lei. your enlarged pic of bak kut teh definitely made me lao nuo! lol. i love your description of tau pok. and i love tau kua! when i get back let’s go there hor!! lol. i love your blog! very entertaining!! keep the posts coming!

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