ok.. this blog will not only include cooked food, but also snacks!! my favourite 🙂

so for today i went down to Yamagawa at Novena MRT station and got myself a packet of children sweets.. lately i have been having dreams that all my teeth just all dropped out of my mouth after mildly grinding it together from a very wierd dream.. but ok i will not get too much into that .. okk soo i went to try to find a teeth friendly kind of sweet and i foundd this to my delight :

Sweets :)

Oopps sorry its upside down let me try it again…


Yeah!! i got it so this is the sweet that has 6 flavours.. it has

2) Orange

3) Grape

4) Ice-cream Soda

5) Cola/Coke

6) Lemon

It was all nicee.. the sweets inside like has the little fuzzy bubble taste.. ok i mean like as you suck it then it has like the little fizz that seeps out .. and surprisingly its not very sweet until you want  to spit it out ..

i personally thought it was nice ..  but my jap class “ole man” classmate complained that it cuts the roof of your mouth.. i personally didn’t think that was the case cos it shrinks really fast and too small to be “cuttable” …

i liked the how behind each mini packet had like some questions they asked in japanese? it was really cute and cool sweet and a real hard guessing thing with my basic japanese ..

back of each sweet
back of each sweet

hahhahaa… its really cute!!!

6 flavours
6 flavours individually packed

last but not least, i shall leave it to your own discretion to get it yourself … but just to really confirm that :

gentle on teeth
gentle on teeth

its really gentle on your teeth!! 🙂