Wild Rocket at Mount Emily

So as per normal, the 3 of us sneak out to try new places after church, while my parents go along with their friends to eat their new favourite hunt.

On my brother’s list, he decided we should venture to try Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. Since it was a place that my sister has been wanting to go and try, we all called in and thankfully got a place in the nick of time


Seared Tuna Rocket Salad

Thai Fish Cake


ngo hiang inspired pork chop

Crabmeat linguine

Pork Sausage with fried egg on fishcake?

Baked lobster gratin

we were kinda disappointed with how our mains went… and I mean its quite ingenius to try to fushion local food influences and western style .. nonetheless I don’t think it went down well for my siblings..

our desserts that came


mini molten choc cake

ice cream with raspberry sauce

ho hums we dont think we will be back anytime soon

Wild Rocket at Mount Emily
10A Upper Wilkie Road,
GF Hangout @ Mount Emily,




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